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Att: Cover & Original Bands

Att: Cover & Original Bands Do you need a live off the floor Promo Video? Here in our studio, with our available Drum Kit and Amps, all you have to bring is your guitars and talent and just plug in and play. We then edit your footage, and in a day or two, we'll have your HD Video all ready. You can do a full tune, or song clips to show your versatility and repertoire. We will capture your Band using our 5 Cameras/angles and record you through our professional ProTools Audio Hardware/Software for a great sound. 

Streaming Web Videos

Do you want to post a video on You Tube, but don't have a quality Camera and Lighting? Abbotsford Video Services can help, from Concept to Product


Storyline Music Videos

If you are a Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar or Piano, Original or Cover Band, and need a video, perhaps with a basic concept, and a bit of production, we can do that fairly reasonably.

Training/Educational/Product Demos

Video is the ultimate motivational tool. Having a great website without video on the homepage is like a store without a salesman. Whether you offer a service or a product, investing in a professional commercial video will give that personal touch your clients are looking for and help establish an instant rapport with them. Once a commercial video has been produced, it can also be used to promote your business through many other mediums including television, YouTube, and Google Maps listings


Abbotsford Video Services creates high-quality Corporate Videos for ambitious business endeavors of all shapes and sizes.
Every corporate video we produce, no matter the genre, is designed to be an engaging motion picture that conveys its message in compelling and relatable ways. We manage the entire production process, ensuring consistently high-caliber work in all phases of the project


Do you have a product you'd like to promote and share?

Karaoke Videos

We have the Karaoke Music, all you do is come and sing, and you get a HD video of yourself as a nice keepsake, a Family gift, or for your significant other.

Bands & Live Events

Raise the impact of your marketing with a highly effective, top–quality video. From a simple stationary 1 Camera shoot, to an exciting 5 Camera setup, with multitrack recording for pristine Video and Audio


Our aim is to provide you with a Wedding HD Video that you will have for a lifetime. We have a simple but professional approach to Filming Weddings,
using our experience to capture a natural wedding video,
which is filmed in an unobtrusive style, using our 5 Cameras for a unique Camera angles shoot

Green Screen

We have in-house studio setups, ready to record and edit Green Screen (chroma key) videos, making backgrounds transparent and allowing us to replace the background with text, images, and even other video clips.



Actor Demos

If you are an aspiring actor, a great video demo is so important.
Better yet, a demo reel, with your name, credentials, and 2 or 3 acted bits is all you need for a clear representation of your talents.

Music, World, Religious Videos here in our studio

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